Blue-J Eco-friendly Small office cleaning

A thorough, detailed cleaning sets the 
standard, especially when safe, 
Eco-Friendly cleaning products are used.

        The Blue-J Tri-pod

1. We give businesses of any size, in any industry, the ability to offer their clients and employees a healthier setting by using a locally crafted, non-hazardous and Eco-Friendly cleaning product
2. We offer our clients a Value, as a detail driven, consistent cleaning company, which operates through relationships, not transactions. Click here to schedule an appointment or invite a Blue-J representative to speak at an event
3. We predominately employ individuals on the Autism Spectrum because of their unique attributes and strong work ethic. We also give back to the community through volunteer work and we educate the public about Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

Choose us and make a difference!

Meet Our Team:

Janet Schultz, Blue-J owner, pictured with Joe Malinowski taking email addresses to receive his BLOG at the 2015 Walk for Autism Speaks. Joe was instrumental in helping to define Blue-J's business model, The Blue-J Tri-Pod. Today, Joe is a committed student at UNCC and has plans to study law.

Janet Schultz worked as a special education teacher for a number of years before becoming an entrepreneur. Janet's background as a special education teacher has, in part, contributed to her passion in serving those individuals living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We're More Than a Cleaning Company, We Are a Movement

Blue-J Start-Up Business Opportunity